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Saturday, May 15, 2010
You can sign up at the BF Office, or drop us a message, so that we can forward you the administrative forms! ((:

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Dr Wong's Talk
Interested in buddhism, but always thought it's a religion for the elderly? Want to learn more, but refraining from it just because you're not well-versed in Chinese? Well, don't let these incorrect stereotypes deter you from the noble truths any longer!

Topic: Misconceptions of Buddhism
Date: 16 May
Time: 1.30pm - 5pm
Venue: Yeo's Building

COME ON DOWN and we'll see you there! :D

With Metta,
Events ICs!

Here comes a good opportunity for you guys to practice what many of you have learnt and preached! We will be visiting Cheshire Home to give our loving kindness to others :D

Date: 15th May
Meeting Time: 12.30pm
Event Duration: 2pm - 5pm
Meeting Place: Serangoon MRT
Attire: BFY T-Shirt

There will be a shuttle service - for about 18 people only to Cheshire from BF. The rest can take MRT from Harbourfront to Serangoon. So first come first serve! ((:

Q & A (answered by Alex):

How are we going there?
Cheshire home is somewhere near serangoon garden, we will all meet at serangoon mrt station, walk to serangoon interchange, take bus 317 and alight at the 17th stop,berwick rd (serangoon CC) and walk a short distance in to serangoon garden way. Timings and who to meet at serangoon mrt will be announced 1 week before the event.

What will everyone be doing there?
We will be seperated into groups, to play bingo games with the patients, other than that we will be feeding them during dinner. (So over here, i will need to use one of the sunday's bonding session to play 1 or 2 round of bingo, let them familiarise with the game)

What kind of residents are they?
They're patients of muscular dysthrophy, cerebal palsy.etc The residents are wheelchaired, some may need your help to push them around. On my recent visit, i met residents like uncle stephen, brother kumar and all, they're really friendly and outgoing people. like most of us, they enjoy the accompany of friends, except that they're bounded by this physical impairment.Brother kumar knows the latest movies and games, uncle stephen can share his philosophy with you. Most of them will talk to you, and all you need is some loving heart and courage to start a conversation.

"You wouldnt need extra patience, if you have a loving heart."
" They're beautiful people, suffering physically but mentally stronger than anyone of us"

We do not need pity here, we need compassion. Whats most important is to put yourself in their shoes and share your love, you'll find that at the end of the day, you'll realise how much you can learn from these people, who despite suffering physically throughout their lives, are still living so positively more than any one of us.

There are boundless merits and benefits to practicing metta. Also, CIP hours will be given! So you are strongly encouraged to join us in this compassionate event! You will definitely learn something from this people at the end of the visit and would want to visit them again :D

Hence, if you are interested in joining us for this meaningful activity, simply inform your leaders and we'll see you there!

For further enquiries, please contact Alex :D

With Metta,
Events ICs!

Monday, May 3, 2010
Vesak At Orchard
Come down for a fun filled day and help promote BFY to gain new friends at the same time! there will be food stalls and exciting programmes where our very own youths will be dancing. so don't forget to support them! :D

Allocated Shifts

8th May (Sat)

Group 7 - Xuan
930am -1230pm

Group 3 - Edmund

Group 1 - Yi Wei
330pm - 630pm

Group 2 - Jun Xian
630pm - 930pm

9th May (Sun)

Group 5 - Justin
930am - 1230pm

Group 6 - Yue Guang
1230pm - 330pm

Group 4 - Thow
330pm - 630pm